A Glance of Cebu 

Cebu skyline

A heft of cultural heritage filled with rich history, and home of world class and pristine beaches, this is why Cebu has made a mark in tourism in the southern part of the Philippines.  Cebu is an island province in the Philippines that composes 167 islands and islets surrounding the main island named after the province itself.  The capital, Cebu City, is considered the oldest city in the country that houses the business district and metropolitan lifestyle in south of Philippines, because of this technologically advancement  it has become an international center for tourism, heavy industry, furniture making, and Business Process Outsourcing or BPO.

The island province is located to east of Negros, to the west of Leyte and Bohol in the Visayas area of the Philippines. Most people use Cebuano language since before the discovery of the island by a Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan. In the early days, Cebu was ruled by Rajahs and Datus (also known in the island as ancient Muslim leaders), and mostly occupied by Muslims natives and tribal villages until the Spanish Colonization in 1521. Philippines history emphasized that Cebu was the first island where Christianity was introduced in the country; this was when Santo Niño or Holy Child was presented to the natives as a representation of Spanish and Cebuano’s friendship and peace.

Cebu is also known as the “Queen City of the South”, not only for business ventures and opportunities but for the island province houses few of the most pristine beaches in the country that offers wide range of activities comprises of fun, history, and adventure.

Things to do in Cebu

The island province caters a range of adventures from the seas of Malapascua Island to its highest peak, the Osmeña Peak. There are  tons of places  to visit such as churches  (Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño, The Mactan Shrine in Lapu-Lapu City, and Fort San Pedro),islands ( Bantayan Island, Mactan, Malapascua , Sumilon, Camotes, and Pescador Island), and many more. But to totally enjoy your stay in Cebu, I listed few of the best things to do while in the province. These are:

  • Swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu. Oslob is a municipality in Cebu that houses the great Whale Sharks, where you can watch these animal swim at the bay or swim with them.
  • Mountain Climbing at Osmeña Peak. This is the highest peak in whole province. It will take you two hours to hike, trek and reach the peak that shows the magnificent shores and seas of the island.
  • Sky Experience Adventure of Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City. This is considered as the ultimate and thrilling escapade in the city. It offers Sky Walk extreme where you and your friends can walk in a clear glass overlooking the city provided with safety gears, and also Edge Coaster, which is a ride at the top floor of the hotel that gives you an overlooking view of the city.
  • Waterfall Adventure in Kawasan Falls. It is located in Badian,Cebu and this series of waterfalls that is a refreshing quench from the long hike to the falls.
  • Cliff Jumping in Medellin, Cebu. The Funtastic Medellin offers this adventurous experience where you can jump to 25ft and 35 ft high board jumo.
  • Canyoning in Montaneza Falls, Moalboal. If you are into an adrenaline action, canyoning will be the best for you. It includes a 30 meters rappel down the Waterfalls or a free jump into the deep fresh water.

There are more in Cebu to discover and explore. It’s a place that bags extreme and adventurous activities along with its majestic and beautiful sites.

Where to sleep in Cebu?

After a long day of exploring the province, it is important to rest your body and settle peacefully in a comfortable, nice, and relaxing place. For that matter, Cebu offer heaps of hotels, hostels, and inns that help you calm down and enjoy the warmth of Cebuano (usual label for people of Cebu) hospitality. These places are affordable, if you are in a budgeted travel but don’t sacrifice the satisfaction you can get this will be the perfect place for you.

  • GV Hotel is a budget and practical place that offers different types of accommodation from the budget travelers to first class travelers. It’s situated in the major cities of Cebu which gives you the pleasure in roaming around with leisure.
  • Kukuk’s Nest Restaurant and Pension House is one of the longest running inns in the province serving local and foreign tourist for twenty years. This is the domicile of Turtle’s Nest Book Café and Gamayang Galeri which is a famous hangout of local artist to drink and to eat. This place is also famous for conducting art exhibits regularly.
  • Diamond Suites and Residences is a business hotel located at the center of Cebu’s central district, closely located to the dining, lifestyle, and tourist destination. It has classy venues and amenities perfectly fitted for luxury travels.
  • Cebu Plaza Hotel is one of the five star hotels in Cebu. It is said that it’s the epitome of comfort and space décor for relaxation blended with local culture. A perfect way to showcase Cebu’s beauty in their rooms.  The staffs are also nice that embodies the true Cebuano welcome and warmth.

Dine in Cebu

Cebu is also known for their festive, gustatory, gastronomic, and delicious foods that come with big servings in a very affordable price. There are many restaurants to choose from and to discern, which often serve Cebu’s pride delicacy the Lechon (suckling pig that is roasted).

Whenever you are in the area, it’s important to fill your tummy with dainty goody treats to savor the mellow, chill, and carefree vacation. Just remember to have caution on this food because most of these are fatty. But I listed few on the top restaurant in the province to try.

  • Zubuchon is the number 1 choice for Lechon. Their Lechon are done in the old manner without MSG, artificial mixes, artificial skin coloring, it’s only seasoned with herbs that leaps the taste way other Lechon House in Cebu.
  • CnT Lechon is dub as the nemesis of Zubuchon. They serve same specialty as Zubuchon and home cooked meals, their Lechons are also cooked in all natural herbs and spices. Many tourist consider CnT to have the best-tasting and juicy Lechon particularly when partnered to Puso (rice wrap in a small weave coconut bag.)
  • Larsian Street BBQ will have you experience street eating in Cebu unique. You can choose different varieties of barbeque on stick that they’ll cooked for you. The twist is you can eat it on hanging rice, but also have the option to eat together with puso.
  • Lechon Lane is the place when you want to explore other Lechons in Cebu. This is a market with Lechon stalls inside. Every stall offers free taste to the Lechon’s skin.
  • Kusina Uno is not a very famous restaurant in the City but have delectable range of home cooked foods with Cebu’s version of Pork Humba ( a sweet pork meal locally cooked in the area) and of course Lechon.

Things to Remember 

From those all the things to explore and stuff to discover in Cebu, it has shown that every city and municipality in this province has its unique story and adventure to accommodate every traveler visiting the area. This piece of paradise will fill your itinerary through a jam-pack escapade bursting with relaxation, adventure, extreme, and pleasurable scenes and activities. This experience will load your eyes with beautiful sights or view, fill your bellies with mouth-wateringly delicious food, and will keep your stay fun-filled busy.

But, while having fun in your vacation it is important to take some of our tips to have a fully satisfying, pleasurable and delightful holiday. Don’t worry it doesn’t include those generic travel advices such as what to bring, what’s not to do, and other reminders, of course it’s vital to be cautious but  in an enjoyable way.

First in the list is talk to the locals. Whether it’s a street vendor, Jeepney driver ((Jeepney is a transport vehicle in the Philippines), and traffic officer, it will be great to know place from the people living in the area.  Plus, it’s a way to experience Filipino hospitality. It is also vital for this people will guide your way to all famous destination and Cebu’s yet to offer.

It is important to know your routes and how to get there.  There are parts of Cebu that uses very confusing tag or signs in their destination, particularly in their Jeepneys. Example Cebu City Jeepney s uses number 1, 2, and 3 to get to their destinations. It’s vital to know where 1 leads you to what place and so to other. Have an on hand map or check your routes in Google maps. But if you want comfort you can always have the taxi, if you are in the city, or ask the locals if lost.

Loosen up and get lost. It is also nice to be spontaneous in your travel. Let yourself get lost and find your way by asking people. Most travelers do this to know the place into the deepest sense and to discover the veiled secrets of the place. So, if you are a spontaneous traveler looking for something new, gain more experience, and discover a secret, this will great. It’s always fulfilling to find your way back to your hotel with loads of memorable moments.

Cherish all the scenery and moments, with the power of technology it’s easy to capture every moment in a flick of camera and share it through social media such as Instagram, Facebook,or Twitter. But the important questions is “Did you appreciate those scenery and moments?” These moments do not come often and it important to watch the scene, smell it through the air, and be glad for this great piece of natural art. Or, simply savor every inch of these moments.

All these tips are suggestions to have a pleasurable holiday in Cebu. Remember that every adventure should be relish in every way, and Cebu will not fail to let you experience this feeling. I guarantee that this will be an unforgettable experience. Bon Voyage!