Things to do in Palawan – Water Sports

Experiencing the Wet Wonders of Palawan Island in the Philippines

Known for its great pool of natural resources, underground rivers, white sand beaches, and captivating landscapes and seascapes, it really deserves to be called a “wonder” of not only the Philippines, but also the world. And I’m more than sure that there is no other way of experiencing this wonder than actually being in it. So let me teach you how to enjoy this marvelous place as I take you away to an island paradise called, Palawan.

Enjoying the Waters of Palawan

Palawan has an unlimited variety of stirring waters great for activities such as surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, kayaking and wind surfing so you will have no valid reason to stay in your hotel room and keep yourself from the fun that waits for you outside. You see, it’s nice to stop for a while and enjoy the view, but it’s grander to explore what lies beneath this island paradise.

Scuba Diving

Swim with the sea creatures and delight in the reefs as you travel underneath the waters of Palawan. Composed of 1,768 islands and islets, Palawan is bounded by a coral shelf with a remarkably rich marine life, all great for scuba diving. And because Palawan is rarely hit by typhoons, scuba diving in this sanctuary is available all-year-round.
Where is the perfect spot in Palawan for diving?

Coron Bay, situated in North Palawan, is famous for having the best ship wreck diving in the world. This area boasts several ship wrecks from the Spanish Exploration days through World War II. It provides diving opportunities and underwater visibility that extends up to 20 meters. The reefs in Coron are said to be home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world!


The winds will surely set you free as you hit the waves and go wet as you surf the big waves of Palawan.

There are so many surfing spots in Palawan, and as much as Coron bay is a great choice for scuba diving, I’d say El Nido is the best choice in Palawan for surfing.

Although El Nido is not known as a surfer’s paradise, the beaches here have been continuously ranked number 3 in world, because of its more than 100 white sand beaches. As surprising as it is to many, some of these beaches have great waves! There’s nothing more freeing than riding the surf and letting the waves of Palawan take you to a watery blast of exhilaration.

Here’s a little tip: Though it’s always good to ride on your surf and drift on the waters any time of the year, Palawan’s waves get very good from October to January. Because Siargao is the most well-known surfing spot in the Philippines, due mainly to its international competitions, it attracts thousands of surfers and watchers. But, if you enjoy having the waves to yourself, El Nido’s allure is the near desolate beaches. For the avid surfers of El Nido, a crowded beach consists of more than a half-dozen surfers.

There is no need to bring your own board, unless you want to pay the additional expense, you can rent a board for the day and/or book private lessons at very inexpensive prices.


If you are in Palawan for a memorable experience or an adventurer seeking a new paradise, then you should consider snorkeling in the waters of Coron and Puerto Prinsesa. Both Coron and Puerto Prinsesa are blessed with colorful and captivating life forms. Surrounded by magnificent coral reefs and all sorts of marine life, snorkeling would probably be the perfect idea for spending the day in its pristine waters.

Jet Skiing

What is spending the day on the beach without trying to ride on a jet ski? Jet skiing is one of the most famous activities in Palawan and anywhere else where there is water! Jet skiing has become one of the most popular water sports simply because of the adrenaline rush that it causes to anyone who decides to ride a jet ski. The waters of Palawan adds to the pleasure and confidence that it brings to one’s adventurous soul taking you to a different level of sensation.


Sea kayaking in Palawan is becoming more and more popular among tourists every year because of its wide array of great islands and beaches, a calm sea that surrounds it, rock formations and cliffs, plus the breathtaking marine life and clear waters that are open for new discoveries perfect for kayakers. Get away from it all with your loved one in a couples kayak, with a picnic basket and bottle of wine. Find your own pristine white sand beach where no one else exists but you and her, or him.

Wind Surfing

If you’re up for something different and a little bit laid-back, windsurfing is a nice and peaceful way of enjoying the waves of Palawan. You can always count on its calm winds wherein you can practice and perform different tricks such as jumps, spinning maneuvers, loops, and other freestyle moves you can do with your friends on your own sails. I mean, who wouldn’t love the idea of a kite-powered surf board on the waters of this great frontier in the Philippines, right?

Where to Stay

What is all this fun when you cannot afford it right? Palawan gives you not only the adventure of a lifetime, but another A that can make you go “Whoo!” for a trip is the A for Affordable and now you should stop dreaming and start preparing.
Since Palawan would not be complete without seeing the must-see places and enjoying its activities, Palawan sets affordable package deals best spent with your families and friends.

Palawan tours and packages range from 3,500 to 7,000 pesos (70 – 140 Euros) including hotel accommodations and trips. But if you ask me personally, I’d say El Nido Resort’s Lagen Island is the best choice. Although the price is a little bit higher than the other budget-priced hotels, it’s actually really worth it. With an onsite marine sports center set in a cove bordered in thick forest, you’ll surely want to spend your entire vacation or the rest of your life there in the warm sun.

The great thing about Palawan is you can relish the view itself or experience the warm sea waters without paying too much, as long as you have a fun-heart to explore.

Palawan is truly nature’s gift to all travelers. So here you go! Whether you want to spend some time alone away from the city, or whether you’re thinking of a unique and fun way of spending quality time with your friends and loved ones, Palawan has it all for you! From the great beaches to the nice waves, from affordable hotels to unlimited activities on land, on the water, or under it, you will have no valid reason to not choose Palawan. So start planning a trip and pack up for an adventure to this Philippine island paradise, Palawan!