Things to do in Palawan

Palawan, the ‘Last Frontier’ of Exotic Naturalness

Situated in the Philippines, Palawan is called the ‘Last Frontier’ island filled with amazing natural scenery. White sand, limestone hills, crystal clear water; such uniqueness cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Recently, Palawan has been regarded by many tourists as one of the best holiday destinations of all times, and nature lovers anywhere would love to agree with this statement. However, one noticeable problem about Palawan is the remoteness. It is a distant island that is separated from most conventional methods of communications, making information gathering quite troublesome. While this did discourage tourists at first, the services have improved and the locals have prepared the island in their own way to welcome guests from all over the world.

Planning a trip to Palawan can be a challenge, but it is a rewarding effort. UNESCO has branded Palawan as a world heritage site, and has given much importance to the wildlife preserves and sanctuaries that protect the fauna and flora from artificial danger. Since Palawan is an island, much focus is given to its water-based attractions, especially fishing and diving. The Island of Coron situated here has been known to contain submerged ruins of old Japanese ships, and nothing beats witnessing the underwater marine life up close and personal.

Kayangan Lake

Deemed as the most attractive site in Palawan, Kayangan Lake is clean, green and deep. Climbing up the hills to get to the lake and eventually catching a view of the entire Coron island is simply breathtaking. The lake is a combination of freshwater and sea water so it provides a great swimming experience. Limestone formations jutting out of the water and glittering crystal rays all over the place are just adding to the beauty of the lake. The water is so clear that it is possible to see fishes swimming underneath. The buoyancy of the lake water allows snorkeling and even floating around in life jackets, though care must be taken since the lake is actually very deep. Boating on bamboo rafts can allow a magnificent view of the caves nearby.

Submariner Diving Centre

For diving experiences, there is no better place in Palawan than the Submariner Diving Centre. Situated in El Nido of the province, this institution has always been treated as a symbol of professionalism. The staff is friendly and patient, and gladly welcome divers of all experiences. There are expert teachers who take special care of first-time divers and ensure a fantastic time. Diving is the best way to meet Palawan’s exotic marine wildlife face-to-face, thus it is important to use this institution to dive properly and safely. The water located around the center contains coral reefs and extends onto the wild unexplored parts of the Palawan wilderness. The diving equipment in the Submariner Diving Centre is top notch and it would have been impossible to experience the waters of Palawan without this center’s existence. On top of it all, the center also has a snack bar where rare local drinks can be obtained.

Nacpan Beach

A trip to Palawan cannot be completed without a trip to Nacpan Beach. Stretched out across the sea, this beach is the perfect example of how scenery combines with isolation to create absolute peace. With little cottages and stalls scattered here and there, the entire view is picturesque and sustains a serene grace. Best of all, Nacpan Beach is usually void of population, so visiting during afternoons will mean you get to enjoy the place all by yourself. At the furthest corner lies the Twin Beach where the view is even better. This is the ideal location to take a stroll on the shore or just lie on the sands. The pleasant warmth of the sun and the coolness of the waves balances the weather and soothes the soul. Nacpan Beach is prettier at evenings, during sunsets. The lustrous shade of red and orange simmers across the landscape and paints a picture that is more beautiful that words can describe.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the underground river of Puerto Princesa is a world-famous heritage site that offers the best tourist experience for any enthusiasts. Several hotel and bus tours provide rides to this wonderful location, and eventually the boats take to the entrance of the river. A trip to and from this river will contain going through caves and forests, so expect to see plenty of wild animals springing here and there. From lizards to monkeys and sea lions, both the land and the sea are filled with exciting wildlife. While it may not be possible to venture to the deepest portions of this underground river, it is possible to snorkel to get a closer view. If that does not satisfy, then there are amazing stalactites that carve out natural artworks deep within the caves.

Mt Tapyas

To get to this picturesque mountain, visitors need to climb at least 700 steps to reach the top. From there, beauteous scenery galore. Mt Tapyas is an example of how difficult it is to travel around Palawan, but at the same time, it proves how worthwhile the whole experience can be. This mountain, situated at Coron, is filled with clear water all around and is a home to many rare birds that cannot be found elsewhere. A trip to Mt Tapyas can be rounded off with a wash-down at the Maquinit Hot Spring, situated nearby. Tourists tired from the mountain hike come to the hot spring to relax their tired bones. These natural faunas have been known to rejuvenate many elderly and sick people, so their healing properties are not to be underestimated.

All in all, Palawan is an excellent tourist spot that everyone should go to at least once in their lifetime. It is impossible to portray its natural exoticness in mere words, as in this case, seeing is believing. If you have been planning a trip to a distant island, definitely consider Palawan as your primary option. You certainly will not be disappointed. I know I wasn’t!