Islands El Nido

El Nido is a municipality and major tourist destination in the Philippines, located on the northeastern tip of Palawan Island. El Nido comprises some 45 islands in Bacuit Bay, with limestone cliffs forming a distinct karst backdrop. It has received many international recognitions as the best beach and island destination in the Philippines, for its extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem.

Nature enthusiasts will make the most of El Nido for many of its natural wonders and unrivaled beauty. Pristine beaches can be found on almost every El Nido island, which is in starch contrast with the tall cliffs that stand guard. Special treat for the adventurous are beaches, coves and lagoons of untouched natural beauty, hidden from plain sight, just waiting to be discovered. Lush forests are home to many species of animals and plant life.

Due to its lush marine life and clear water, El Nido also offers water activities typical for the Philippine like snorkeling, diving and kayaking. Towering limestone cliffs allow for rock climbing on some of the islands, which will especially appeal the tourists into extreme sports.

There are several flights a day from Manila to El Nido Airport. There is also a charter airline owned by El Nido Resorts. From there you can take a van or a tricycle taxi to the town for a short five kilometers ride. From your accommodation you can take a boat and go to see the El Nido islands on an island hopping tour. The boats usually take a set route, named A to C, which takes one day to visit several islands, includes a lunch at one of the islands, and can be arranged from most guesthouses and travel agencies in El Nido.

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