Palawan Islands

Tourism in the Philippines on the Rise

Philippines is growing to be one of the top tourism destinations for tourists from the East and West alike. An island filled with heaps of natural beauty, Philippines continues to offer divine beauty for the rest of the world. The hospitable and friendly nature of the locals has led to the Philippines making a name for itself in the hearts of millions.

With a staggering number of over 7000 islands, the Philippines offers a wide range of tourism attractions. These islands offer an enthusing and sensational spot for vacations. Activities range from swimming, snorkeling, general sightseeing to island hopping. Among these numerous islands, Palawan is known as one of the top islands to visit and tour.

When you plan out your trip to the Philippines, make sure to sort out accommodations beforehand by reserving hotels or inns. This is in order to avoid wasting time that could otherwise be spent on activities that you will absolutely love and remember for years on end.

Picturesque Palawan

Considered to be one of Philippines’ paradises, Palawan is located in the territory of Mimaropa. Palawan is the largest province in the Philippines. It has the longest area of authority and has been named after an island itself. Puerto Princesa City is the principal capital of Palawan. Unlike other provinces, Palawan is independently governed.

The Palawan Islands extend through a huge area of land. Palawan is positioned in between the Sulu Sea and the South China Sea. It is often talked about for its stunning and mesmerizing water; water which surrounds the island, leading to beautiful beaches all around. Marked to have the lowest number of inhabitants in the Philippines, Palawan has a captivating landscape.

Most Famous Islands of Palawan

Even though Palawan is home to several islands that tourists love to visit, some of the marked islands that tourists have opted to visit over and over are Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron. There are resorts found in all three of the islands. The range of activities is suitable for individuals, pairs, or groups alike.

Puerto Princesa is an established and well-liked tourist city located in Palawan. It is flooded with numerous seafood restaurants and expensive beach resorts. Due to its prime location, the resorts are more expensive than others. Puerto Princesa is the second largest city after Davao City. Often sighted to be the lushest and cleanest city in the Philippines, Puerta Princesa never fails to win the hearts of visitors, both young and old alike. With beautiful sandy beaches and waterways that extend through miles and miles, Puerta Princesa is becoming a sensational city worthy to be included in the book of travels.

El Nido is a top-notch area in Palawan, well safeguarded by the government. Located in the northwest of the chief island, El Nido is reachable either through a 6 to 8 hour van journey from Puerto Princesa or through an 8 to 10 hour boat journey south from Coron Island. Airports are available in both Puerta Princesa and Coron. El Nido is a beautiful, yet tiny, beachside town, with increasing popularity among the visitors over the years. An abundance of nature’s beauty can be found in every corner of El Nido. Some of its wonders and excitements which will have you coming back over and over again are: the mesmerizing white sands, hidden large caves, the underwater world, clear blue sky above the luscious blue water. Of course, for those interested in tours, El Nido offers four island tours, broadly named as Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, and Tour D.

Coron is another prominent city located in Palawan. It incorporates all of Coron Island and the eastern part of Busuanga Island, in addition to around 50 other small areas ranging all the way to the South Canipo Island and to the northeast, Tara Island. Coron is situated to the north of Palawan, on Busanga Island. It can be reached either by airplane, in route to Coron Airport or on boat, from El Nido or from Puerto Princesa or Manilla (which requires a longer journey). Coron offers three different island tours for interested tourists; the Malcapuya Loop Tour, the Coron Island Tour, and the Culion Tour.

All three of these islands, Puerta Princesa, El Nido, and Coron have numerous hotels, inns, guesthouses as well as restaurants (both affordable and expensive). They endeavor to make your stay at the island both remarkable and memorable.

Tourists love island hopping on these islands. From viewing the picture perfect scenes, to journeying from one area to another, all within the range of the cool luscious waters, visiting these islands provides a comfort unlike any other. Memories that are priceless are formed and relished by each and every tourist who decides to land on Palawan Islands.