Beaches El Nido

El Nido has a total land area of 465.1 square kilometers or 179.6 sq mi in the northernmost part of Palawan, situated in Bacuit Bay. The borders in the north is the Linapacan Strait, in the east is the Sulu Sea, while the South China Sea in the west. There are 45 islands and islets around El Nido, each of which has a unique geological formations. Cadlao Island is the highest peak above the sea level with a height up to 640 meters (2,100 ft). El Nido becomes popular because of island tours. Bacuit Bay and its surroundings are the perfect place for a wide range of outdoor activities. For those who like ocean and nature, there are more activities to do like freediving, sailing, island hopping, kayaking, mountain biking, zipline, kitesurfing, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. You can hire a motorcycle or van to explore the whole place. Aside from the beautiful beaches you can also enjoy hot springs and falls. You can reach El Nido thru a 50-seater plane for it has a small airstrip to land on. From there, you will experience breathtaking scenes from its beaches, their culture and the warm welcome from the locals.

Best beaches El Nido

  1. Corong Corong beach
  2. Duli beach
  3. El Nido airport beach
  4. Hidden beach
  5. Ipil beach
  6. Las Cabanas beach
  7. Marimegmeg beach
  8. Nacpan beach
  9. Payong Payong beach
  10. Secret lagune beach
  11. Seven commando beach
  12. Star beach