A Trip to the Small Lagoon


Want a trip where you can run away from all the stress and tension of your daily, boring, dull life? You should definitely include Small Lagoon in your bucket list, then. It’s located at the cove of Miniloc Island, which is a part of the El Nido Island in Philipines. Many people might not know this, but the movie ‘Bourne Legacy’ was shot in both the Big and Small lagoon. If you have watched the movie, then you got a glimpse of how beautiful it is. The Small Lagoon is a pocket-like small pool. It’s a bit difficult to get there, as the only access to the Small Lagoon is a tiny cave-like opening in the lower portion of two big limestones, which looks like a huge rock with a pocket-sized hole beneath. Though the area is small, it’s mysterious in its own way and will offer you a peaceful visit, with beautiful colors in its every aspect.

How you can get to the Small Lagoon?

Technically, travelers travelling to the Small Lagoon might encounter some difficulties. Starting from Puerto Princessa, the journey to El Nido will take around 7 hours. If you’re planning to take a van to avoid unwanted stop overs and passenger-pick-ups, it will take 6 hours. But if you get there by bus, it will probably take more than 6 hours. It will cost you 700P for van and 480P to 500P for the RORO bus. If you want an entire van for you and your mates, it will cost around 15,000P, but that is only if you’re travelling with a lot of people. Or else it would be a bit pricey for only one person. Most of the vehicles are at the San Jose Terminal.

You can take different vehicles to reach San Jose, even a tricycle to reach the Terminal. 75% of the roads are fine and made of concrete, but the rest are not. So if you’re planning to take a nap on the way, you will not be able to sleep because of the rough, bumpy roads. Now, after you are all prepared for your trip to Small Lagoon, you need to find a good tariff offered by the place and take a licensed tour guide with you. On the way, you will see many small islands. When you reach at the opening pit of the Small Lagoon, you have to kayak there, as no boats actually enter the place because of its 2-3 feet sized width.

The things you would find there to enjoy

The Small Lagoon, despite being a small wonder of nature, offers a variety of beautiful crafts of creation. It looks like a natural swimming pool; private and isolated from the outer world, which gives a feeling of intensity. The water of the Small Lagoon is tranquil turquoise green in color, it’s very clear, and even dazzles under the sun. The place is surrounded by big limestone cliffs, having greeneries growing on them, which stands against the greys. You can swim around as much as you want to. The water is comparatively colder than outside and is much more relaxing. There are many fish in the water and beautiful rocks to climb on, even to dive from the 2-3 storied height. But if it’s the time of the year when it’s raining all the time, the rocks would be slippery to climb on. The splendid view of the underwater would make you feel as though you’re in a small paradise.

What are the things you should consider doing?

While travelling to the Small Lagoon, one must remember that the electricity is available only from 6PM to 7AM in El Nido. You should remember to charge up all of your electrical gadgets so that you don’t get yourself into troubles on your trip. While starting for the Small Lagoon, one should definitely take their cameras with them. If you happen to own an underwater camera, it would be a sin if you don’t take it with you. Even if you don’t have one, make sure your traveling mates have one. And if none of you own one, rent one. The Small lagoon is full of territorial fish that will bite you while swimming through the small opening. Kayaking would be the best option to avoid such scenarios.

The bites are really surprising while you’re all lost in the beauty of nature and might get painful after you return from there. There are jellyfish around, so you must be careful and keep an eye on your surroundings while swimming around. Even if you don’t kayak, take your snorkeling gears with you. Ziplock bags would be a great idea to save your gadgets from the water. Try to wear a lifejacket while swimming. Despite being very clear and not so deep, the water gets deeper in some places. The best part of this place is, if someone doesn’t know how to swim, they can actually float on the water. If you’re planning to jump from a rock, you should ask your tourist guide, as he/she might know the limitations of exploration there. The place echoes whatever sound it gets, so if you’re trying to have a conversation with your travelling friends and tourist guides, make sure you keep your voice down. The other travelers might hear what you’re saying and that won’t be a problem unless you’re pouring out the deadly sins that you have committed. There is Virgin Mary above the rocks, so tell your tourist guide to point it out in case he forgets.

Among all of the travelling places, the Small Lagoon is a very nice place to visit if you’re the type who really likes to travel in a group to a place which isn’t that much crowded and not artificial in any sense. People who love to swim will find this place ideal and would be gratified after paying a visit, as its appearance is very deceitful; small, looks calm, and peaceful with its angry little inhabitants; the fish and the beautiful breathtaking sceneries underneath the untroubled layers of water, takes the tourists into a land of dream from this mundane, mechanical world.