Big Lagoon in El Nido


Big Lagoon is one of the many beautiful lagoons that you can find in Palawan. It is located in the El Nido area of the Palawan archipelago in Philippines. The Palawan is a beautiful collection of islands which can be found in the MIMAROPA region of the Philippines. The Filipinos boasts with pride at the beautifully kept and preserved natural beauty of the Palawan islands that have helped the Philippine government to raise the levels of their economy to a high point. The many beautiful places of Palawan have attracted tourists and visitors from all over the world, just the way honey attracts bees. One of the many mentionable places in Palawan that you must visit if you ever have the good fortune of exploring the amazing glory of the islands of Palawan is the Big Lagoon in El Nido.

El Nido is an area of the highest quality in the province of Palawan, in Philippines. El Nido is a beauty that is not worth missing because you might not have the chance to visit The Palawans for a second time in your life. It is not very far away from the capital city, Puerto Princesa of Philippines, so it is very easy for most people to make their way through the mainland and then reach the serenity and peacefulness of the El Nido. If you visit El Nido, then you absolutely must visit the Big Lagoon in Palawan. And although many lagoons are beautiful and pleasant to look it and so is this one, so this isn’t something that you take pictures of and then remember the place only through still photos, no. This Lagoon is special in several ways and it will definitely win your heart and make you seriously want to consider the likeliness of your living there in the beautiful place for the rest of your life. Make sure to visit the wonderful Big Lagoon if you ever find yourself in El Nido. You must do this to avoid missing something as spectacular as this, and also to make your whole trip complete and even more precious with all the valuable memories that you collect from these other worldly destinations of nature.

big lagoon

How to Get There

The Big Lagoon is a place that is located in El Nido and it is at a very close distance from the capital city of Philippines, which is Puerto Princesa. It is at about a distance of 238 kilometers away from the capital- this is to give you a better idea of the distance that you will need to cross to get yourself out of the hustle-bustle of the busy municipality and instantly land onto one of the most beautiful places in the world. To reach there, you can take any forms of land transportation services like a bus, or a car, or even a truck or a bike with which you can definitely enjoy the up-and-down slides of the streets and the beautiful sceneries that surround you even more when you are all out travelling in the open. Once you get there, you can choose to walk on the white sand of the beaches of the lagoon for some time and then jump into the tranquil and calm turquoise-green of the water of the lagoon. Whatever you do, (and if you don’t do anything there), it is guaranteed that you will have the best of your time in the Big Lagoon of Palawan.

What to See in Big Lagoon

What is there not to see in Big Lagoon, should be the actual question. The beautiful, dark and deep forests surrounding the whites of the beaches; the clear, almost shockingly blue tranquil water of the sea; and even the pure white gold of the beaches are worth staring at. You will never run of things to explore in the Big Lagoon area. There is a vast array of wildlife present in Big Lagoon- the unique insects and crabs that seem to rule those lands, the extraordinary greenery surrounding the islands, the overpowering blueness of the sky and the water, the ancient limestone cliffs standing on guard on the island, the peaceful and calm atmosphere of the Lagoon all work together to transfer the visitor to a heavenly space of mind- one such that he feels enchanted by the beauty of the blue, the mysteries of the dark forests and the freshness of the leaves and sounds in the surroundings. You will be able to conduct a thoroughly unique nature study that will be, hands down, filled with all sorts of gems in your collection of wildlife studies because the Palawan has a lot of species of insects, plants, fruits, etc that are truly unique to the Palawan islands. So even if you are not a nature lover, give nature a study here in Big Lagoon, and you will surely find yourself transformed into a being with a deep-set core of love and gratitude towards nature and all the beauty that it holds for us to explore.

What to Do in Big Lagoon

There is not much that you would even want to do in a place where you can relax to your heart’s content and not have to care about anything else in the world. Delve into the pleasures of the nature; study the nature of the plants and the trees (and trust me, it’s not boring when you do it in Big Lagoon), study the marine life, gape at the magnificent orchid-lined walls of limestone standing hundreds of feet above you and explore the mystery-filled caves of the lagoon. Swim in the cool water of the lagoon and set out on a boat and do some scuba-diving or snorkeling to find out the beauties that lie underwater, hidden from all of our views and glances; and not to forget, however, to savor the richness of the cuisine of the island-ish food of the people of Big Lagoon and Palawan.