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Enjoy El Nido’s island hopping escape from the white powdery beaches to crystal-like blue waters.  El Nido is Asia’s leading destination for holiday trips and summer breaks.  See for it and unwind with the must-see beauty of nature.

The limestone karsts and towering cliffs create magnificent panoramas of the entire place.  El Nido is perfect for water adventure, beach strolling and island hopping. It is known for its exquisite terrains, voluminous forest and eye-catching bodies of water.

El Nido is enriching with marine and wildlife reserves. This eco-friendly district offers genuine attractions for nature lovers. El Nido’s extraordinary ecosystem heightens the value of preservation.  The flourishing aquatic and terrestrial life is a living testament of the district’s boosting eco-tourism.

El Nido is persistently overwhelmed with the numerous rewards for sustaining wildlife protection and marine preservation.  There are several islands that serve as protected sanctuaries for diverse species of marine varmints in Bacuit Bay.  In fact, El Nido-Taytay Managed Resource Protected Area is Philippine’s greatest marine sanctuary of the century.

The remarkable cascades and astonishing landscapes of Bacuit Islands give life to the hidden paradise. El Nido’s exceptional rock formations and natural trails provide a perfect treat for mountain trekking and bird-viewing.  Also, its evergreen forest and mainland shrubs serve as the home of swiftlets and other kinds of bird flocking.

El Nido is the tunnel to a more sensational venture to Bacuit Archipelago.  This group of marvelous islands is an utmost getaway for romantic escapades.  El Nido’s alluring nature is the right place to experience tranquility and fervor.

There are also historical sites that mark as highlights of the eco-tour. Cudugnon Cave is one of the ancient spots that will surely add spice to the realm of history.  The archeological relics and artifacts found in several caves continue to impress the people sojourning in Bacuit Bay.

El Nido caters exciting adventure perks namely snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and hiking.  The primeval beaches and tortoise colored lagoons provide thrill and enthusiasm. Several islands have private verandas for seascape and sunset viewing of the bay. Indeed, the beautiful scene of El Nido is worth a discovery.

Why include El Nido in your travel list? If you’re searching for the best spot for island hopping, El Nido exceeds what you expect. A flight to the grandiose splendor of El Nido will surely quench your hungry feet.

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