Trip to the Twin Lagoon


If someone loves the beauty of both the big blue sky above and the water beneath, which has just as many shades to it, Twin Lagoon is the destination you’re looking for. It’s a blue lake separated by a small opening with big limestone cliffs. Situated on the northwestern tip of the Coron Island, it’s the perfect place for island hopping, as Coron itself is a small island, which is placed offshore and is the name of the biggest town of the main island Busuanga, in Philipines. It’s the ideal place for professional divers or people who love to swim. The meeting of fresh water and salt water gives a blurry effect and the temperature also differs because of that- in some places it is cold, while in others, the water is hot. It’s one of the tourist attractions from Busuanga, managed by an indigenous tribe living there.

How to get there

After flying to the Busuanga Island by Zest Air, Airphil Express, or Cebu Pacific, you can get to the town by vans. The cost varies for the number of travelers, or if you want to hire an entire van, it will cost 150P for each person and 1500P for a whole van. Then you have to hire a boat to get to the Twin Lagoons, and it will take only 10 minutes to reach there. The trip by the boat costs 1500 pesos, irrespective of how long you’re hiring it for- half a day or a full day. You should take enough food with you because there are no other ways one can find anything to eat there once they start for Twin Lagoons.

First lagoon is where all the boat docks are. The docks are made of local wood and most of it is bamboo. It’d be a tricky path if someone doesn’t know how to keep their balance. The creaky sounds of the wood might scare some travelers while walking on it. Now if you want to see the second lagoon, finding it will not be easy, as it’s hidden. The only access to it is the narrow crevice under the rocks or you have to climb a two-meter high cliff with a ladder made out of wood. Most of the time, you get the choice of swimming under the rocks to get to the other side, but if the tides are higher, you have no other option but to take the ladder.

What are the things you can enjoy at Twin Lagoon

The views are definitely spectacular. The time and money that you invest in Twin Lagoon would be totally worth it once you swim in the bluish-green or greenish-blue water and enjoy both of the temperatures at once. You might see many oysters growing on the wall sides of the water body freely while swimming around the edge of the Twin Lagoons. As the whole place is surrounded by big limestones, it will provide privacy and you would not feel uncomfortable as you swim your heart out.

These beautiful limestone cliffs add sharpness to the view. The combination of green and blue water with some dark and dirty shades to it looks like some freshly stroked colors on a canvas. The sceneries would be more enjoyable if it’s a sunny weather and you get there early on in the day. The quietness of Twin Lagoon would welcome you in such a way that you would feel like a complete part of nature, as if your life is devoid of troubles or stress. In the second lagoon, the color of the water is unclear and a bit dirty looking while the water from the first lagoon is crystal clear. But the view is more appealing and enjoyable in the second lagoon. You will see many blue and purplish soft corals there. It’s more like a secret paradise hidden from the outside world and you can discover it only by taking the narrow, secret path that leads to it.

What are the things you should consider doing there

As the place is ideal for kayaking and snorkeling, after getting there, one must get into the water and swim as much as they can. Though you can go sightseeing on a boat, you should enjoy the heavenly water and get into it, as you will feel relaxed and will be able to enjoy your surroundings even more. The mixture of warmth and cold in the water will release your tension, providing you with the sense of freedom. Whenever you go swimming in the lagoons, you should wear a life jacket, as the water gets really deep in some places. If you forget to take meals with you, you should definitely tell your boat captain to arrange barbecues for your mates or only for yourself.

You get a total of 30 minutes to swim around in both the lagoons. Snorkeling in the second lagoon is a must if someone wants an eerie and exciting view of the beautiful corals in the deeper portions of the second lagoon. Even though starting early to enjoy the whole traveling and swimming is mandatory, one should start swimming around noon. You should try to get to the small opening when there’s a low tide, because that’s the fun part of it. Taking a ladder isn’t a bad option either, but swimming through the small, cave-like path would make it more adventurous.

We all need some sort of escape from our daily, mechanical, artificial lives. In order to make that happen, among so many places, Twin lagoon is absolutely the perfect place to visit. Not only does it have beautiful sights to enjoy, it also has beautiful, jagged big rocks standing as the guardian of the place, with a peculiar water temperature, offering nothing but a peaceful event with a spectacular color combination in its every aspect, starting from the water to the corals. The overall expense is really cheap and the experience is unforgettable. If you are the type who likes to try something different but simple, pleasant, and a bit adventurous, with a peaceful yet an eerie feel to it, and also something that isn’t refined at the same time, you should definitely give Twin Lagoon a try.