Exploring Kayangan Lake

Tourism in the Philippines

The Philippines has seen a boom in its tourism industry and justly so, considering the beautiful scenery and areas for tourists to enjoy and relish. Not to mention, cheap accommodations are available, causing tourists to opt to come to the Philippines over and over again. Among the vast number of islands located in the Philippines, Palawan is growing to be one of the most prominent ones. With mesmerizing waters surrounding it and tens of activities in store for tourists, Palawan is lifting itself as a top-notch getaway spot for tourists from all over the world.

Kayangan lake

Coron, Palawan

One of Palawan’s greatest cities is Coron. It comprises all of Coron Island, the eastern part of Busuanga Island, and approximately fifty other small islands spreading all the way to Tara Island in its northeast and Canipo Island in its South end. Coron has three main island tours called the Malcapuya Loop Tour, Culion Tour, and the Coron Island Tour. You can choose the tour based on your preferred course of activity and sight seeing. Coron is also the largest island in the range and offers the greatest amount of accommodations, perfect for large groups traveling together.

In terms of the best mode of transportation for getting to Coron, one can easily reach Coron from Manilla on plane in an hour for those not too fond of flying, there’s a huge ferry running between Manila and Puerto Princesa. Those who aren’t fond of ferry rides can opt for cars or vans. There is a collective van ride from Busuanga airport all the way to the town which takes approximately 40 minutes. No need to worry about getting to the airport on time, as transporting between the airport and Coron can be easily prearranged with any accommodation you may be staying at.

You can choose the mode of transportation most comfortable and convenient for you. Just make sure you enjoy each moment spent in Coron as vacation time is the time to make memories that last a lifetime.

Kayangan Lake, the wonder of Coron

Once you get to Coron, the surrounding mesmerizing waters, low, dense population filled with friendly locals, gorgeous sea life, and beautiful resorts can make you forget that you’re still on Earth! This natural beauty can be eye catching and heart soothing all at the same time. You haven’t truly experienced Coron until you visit Kayangan lake though; lake Kayangan is also known as ‘the wonder of Coron.’ If you’re wondering why it’s a wonder, words wouldn’t do it justice. You need to get to lake Kayangan to understand why.

Kayangan lake was once not open to tourists along with other surrounding lakes. This was due to indigenous cultural reasons in addition to wanting to preserve the natural setting of the lakes. For quite some time, Kayangan lake was famously known as one of the cultural sites for one of the Philippines’ indigenous tribes. The government decided that the lakes needed to be open for the rest of the world to experience, and now lake Kayangan along with six other lakes are open to visitors from all over. Strict rules and regulations are of course maintained in order to ensure the smooth running of the lake and the islands in general.

Over time, Lake Kayangan has become one of Coron’s principal attractions, appealing thousands of tourists year round. It is surrounded by natural greenery and precious limestone; often described as being enveloped with breathtaking beauty that one can never get tired of seeing.

Getting to Kayangan Lake

Kayangan lake is reachable by a sharp climb, which is around ten minutes long. While getting there on ferry, you will pass through endless waters and mountainous hills. As you reach the lake, you will notice that the crystal-clear, turquoise, sparkly waters of Lake Kayangan are paced perfectly along the mountain dividers; underwater, it looks like the wilderness.

What to do in Kayangan Lake

Most people out on island hopping will choose to visit Kayangan lake. Once there, most people would prefer to just stare in absolute awe at the beauty that exists. However, those who are more action oriented can go in for a swim (avoid diving). There’s a petite walkway or platform made of wood, allowing you to stack your belongings safely if you wish to go in for a dive or swim. When going in for a swim, ensure that tourist guides or admin personnel are nearby, as the water is quite deep and the underwater rocks are known to be rather sharp and edgy (not safe for diving or plunging in).

For island hoppers who stop by to visit and explore the lake, once you arrive at the lake, you will need to go up a steep, wooden stairwell. This stairwell leads to the entrance of a rather small cave that clutches an astounding outlook of the cove. Once you are done with sightseeing and viewing the cove, there is another wooden stairwell that leads out of the cave and back to where you started.

Most tourists make note that they can’t seem to get enough of pictures and videos while in lake Kayangan. Not to mention, while there, some much needed natural therapy takes place. Therapy that seems almost impossible in the fast paced lives lived in cities across the world. Make sure to take your time in observing and letting the splendor, magnificence, and oh yes, the ultimate form of therapy sink in.

Accommodation in Kayangan lake

Being located in Coron means that Kayangan lake has several accommodations for those who wish to spend the night in addition to their days there. Apart from good hotels, there are small lodging houses that tourists can choose to stay at. These houses are simple yet provide you with the perfect setting to enjoy time alone or with family. Next time you are looking into holiday options for yourself or for your friends and family, don’t hesitate to book tickets for Palawan, Philippines. Once there, get to Coron. Enjoy!