Exploring Barracuda Lake


If you are not a fan of usual go to, if you thrive for uniqueness, and if you want to have the time of your life then Barracuda Lake should be the first thing on your bucket list. Barracuda Lake is one of the key attractions of Coron Island. It is a dream destination for passionate scuba divers for its fresh layers of slightly salty water and dramatic uniqueness in fluctuation of underwater temperature. This only can be experienced while diving in this particular lake. This is brought on by the meeting of the chilly fresh water and the warm salt water. And in addition to it there is the indescribable underwater beauty. Hold your breath as I tell you more about this incomparable heaven.

Situated on the north-shore of the entrancing Coron Island, Barracuda Lake (just a 20 minute boat ride distance from Coron Town) is a standout amongst the most surprising, stunning, and wierd plunge locales of the Philippines.

barracuda lake

How to Get There

This lake is situated near another lake named Kayangan. Barracuda is one of the two lakes of Coron which is open for visitors. Getting to the lake is bit tricky, but it’s nothing for your adventurous spirit.

To reach the lake, there are around 40 wooden stairs winding into the spiked limestone bluff that is encompassing the lake. You can visit this beautiful place anytime you want. Entering the lake will cost you only 75P. You can gain access to it from the shore. For the exact location, use the map or GPS.

The passage of Barracuda Lake, notwithstanding, is narrow and just a modest bunch of individuals can be obliged to enter the wooden stage at the entrance of the lake. During vacations and touristic seasons, this mouth of the lake gets stuffed with people. It is better if you visit the lake at the end of your touring package. By doing this, you will find the lake less crowded, as the others will leave for Kayangan.

Take the help of TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet or Dive Zone to grab your best deal for the vacation. The packages usually start from 3500P (lunch, boat ride, scuba diving, and visit to places are included). When you reach this place, do not hesitate to take a dip into the water, but be prepared to experience the heat of the warm waters. The lake is very safe for non-swimmers as well, but do wear a life vest for extra protection.

Usually the tour starts at 9 am and all the boats and individuals must return within 5 pm according to the costal guard rules. So if you want some alone time to embrace the beauty of nature, come to this place. Almost every hotel offers swimming gears but you can bring your owns as well. You can take a boat ride or ride a plane. If you are on a plane, the view from there will make you feel as though you are on that island in the King Kong movie. Surrounded by lakes, forests, and rocks this island has no comparison.

What to See

The water of the lake is so clear that you can spend hours just gazing at it. There is not much wildlife in the lake, but you can still see shrimps, gobies, and groupers and maybe a barracuda! The lake may have been associated with the ocean a long time ago. Diving here is truly pleasant as you can watch irregular and charming submerged rocks. It is likewise a well-known snorkelling place. There is a legend that says that if you are desperate enough, you may be likely to spot a barracuda and bring yourself good luck with it.

The water is so clear that you do not even need to dive you can see everything from the top. There are turtles here. Wear aqua-friendly shoes to save your feet from the sharp edges of rocks and unknown sea animals.

What to Do

You will have the time of your life once you visit this place. You can dive or swim here. The lake is safe so if you are an expert, set your adventurous spirit free. With proper gear and equipment, dive into the clear water. Morning is the best time for scuba diving. You will not need any other lights for you exploration, but be careful when you are exploring. Although the shift of rock formations is fascinating deep in the lake, the wall changes its view along with the water temperature which, can only be spotted by professional divers. The beauty is heart breaking.

The initial layers of water are pure aqua and the temperature is around 27°C to 29°C. You get to taste the brackish water when you go 5m deep. An enormous Halocline and Thermocline is there at 14m, and the water temperature ascends to 38°C. So beware and lose yourself into the transcendent beauty. When you are at such point of thermo-clines you will feel as though you are diving into a deep black hole with no visibility. You can go deeper, but I will suggest against it. At the very bottom of the lake you will find a thing with a jelly-like consistency. You can dip your head into it and frame it. This is something that you will not find anywhere else in the world. You can have fun swimming in between the hot and cold water. You even can see a line between these thermo-clines, as if they are separate surfaces. Have fun keeping your head in the cold water and the rest of the body in warm water and vice versa.

The 30m long cave at the bottom of the lake has a mysterious atmosphere and can be explored if you are willing to do it. Keep a powerful light with you and do not forget that there are heaps of residue in the cavern. Watch out for them. The high unaccustomed environment that is submerged makes this jump to an “unquestionable requirement to see” for any diver that has a taste for bizarre adventures. One of a kind! Strange!